Explore Zagreb’s Gothic Cathedral

Rising over the centre of town is a symbol of Zagreb’s rebirth after the major earthquake of 1880. Commissioned to build something impressive and inspiring out of the ruins, Cologne-based architect Hermann Bolle created a cathedral in neo-Gothic style, topped by two soaring towers. Even now, nearly 150 years later, this is still the tallest building in Croatia. Among the many priceless artefacts in itsTreasury is the cloak of St Ladislaus, one of the cathedral’s two patron saints – the other is St Stephen, the first king of Hungary. Another major historical figure linked with the cathedral is Aloysius Stepinac, the former Archbishop of Zagreb, whose activities during World War II led to his trial and imprisonment by the Communist authorities of Yugoslavia. His tomb is found here, as well as a relief of Stepinac by Croatia's most famous sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic.