Explore the mind of Tesla

Claimed by Croatia, Serbia and America as their own (he was born in an ethnic Serb village in modern-day Croatia but earned his global fame across the Atlantic), Nikola Tesla is one of the world’s greatest inventors. He was also one of the most eccentric, spending many years living in luxury hotels in New York and barely sleeping, his mind full of his next invention in the field of electrical engineering and potential patent. A contemporary and one-time colleague of Edison, Tesla is best known for his work in developing the alternating current to supply electricity to millions of homes. Here at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Tesla’s workspace has been recreated, showing the primitive conditions the genius would work in, often for 24 or 36 hours at a time. This is a wide-ranging complex, with a planetarium, historic aircraft, cars and trams, all original models, and a mock of a mine to illustrate the technical know-how needed to extract coal and non-ferrous metals.