Escape the bustle to Maksimir Park

In the eastern part of town, a few tram stops from the main square, you’ll find a huge green space more than twice the size of London’s Hyde Park. There are lakes, creeks, bridges and the city zoo here at Maksimir Park, and most of all, rolling greenery – the so-called English style of landscaping as envisaged by Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac, after whom it was named. He had more than 300 hectares planted with oaks and hornbeams, dotted with Baroque statuary and pavilions, paths branching out across the greenery for visitors to lose themselves as they wandered. When it opened in 1794, this was outside the city. Some 130 years later, a zoo was opened near the southern edge, close to the cluster of five lakes that breaks up the landscape. Home to snow leopards, okapi and Balkan snow voles, it’s one of the most varied of its kind in the region.