Mountain biking

The superb climate in Gran Canaria guarantees excellent cycling weather all year round. And the generous upkeep of both the surrounding countryside and urban areas means there's no reason why you shouldn't tour the resort by bike. The excellent conditions mean there are plenty of places to rent a mountain bike from, one of the best is Free Motion. They provide an off-road experience and exhilarating routes that will test your fitness in the rugged highlands and valleys of Gran Canaria. You're bound to be fuelled on adrenaline when you trek through canyons, up natural terrains, into shaded woodlands and steep mountainsides, before heading down technical descents to the coast. All excursions are lead by passionate, experienced guides and different ability levels are welcome. Alternatively, if you want something a little more relaxed, you can hire a bike for almost any terrain, even e-bikes, and set your own itinerary.