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Holidays here are for those who want to experience the ‘real Goa’, with a hefty serving of luxury on the side! Arpora holidays are full of traditional charm and home to some of the best sandy, palm-lined beaches in the region. The village is a rustic picture of clattering rickshaws, wandering goats, and small farms with sprawling rice-fields. In contrast, the resort also offers excellent restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and a full calendar of festivities and events. It’s also home to the Saturday Night Bazaar, where you can flex your bargain-hunting muscles, lit by lanterns and fairy lights; it’ll give you a superb introduction to the area.

Things to do

If you’ve got children with you, the chances are that you’re going to need some entertainment up your sleeve. Older kids can get involved with the water sports that are offered at most of the beaches. Alternatively, there’s the chance to jump on a boat and go dolphin spotting. For a fun, family day out, the wild and watery world of the Splashdown Waterpark is only four minutes’ drive or 20 minutes on foot. There you’ll find rides, slides, pools and flumes, perfect for children of all ages. The Saturday Night Bazaar is popular with younger visitors, who’ll enjoy the sights, lights, sounds and smells of shopping by lanternlight. 

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32 ℃

The mercury tops out at around 32°C during May and June, before dropping down to the less-sweltering mid-20s by September. 

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Approximately nine and a half hours

The nearest airport is Goa International Airport in Goa, which is about an hour’s drive from the resort.