Located on the Greek island of Kos, Kefalos is a beautiful resort that caters for all. No matter what your idea of a perfect holiday is, you’ll find something for you on a Kefalos holiday. By the white gold beach, you’ll find a water sports centre and restaurants to suit all tastes. Then head further inland and you’ll find a rustic town set into a hillside that’s just oozing Greek charm and fascinating history.

Fun at the beach

Kefalos is home to some of the most action packed beaches in all of Kos. Each beach caters for both sun worshippers and those looking to enjoy the water. If just lying back in the sun is your thing, you’ll find the golden beaches very welcoming. They’re a real treat for those who like to take it easy and for those who like a little bit more excitement with their beach days.

Mythical craters

For some sightseeing, you can take a trip to the volcanic island of Nisyros. Here you’ll find lots of great places to capture some interesting holiday snaps. According to Greek mythology, Nisyros was created by Poseidon after he threw a stone into the sea. As you arrive on the island, you’ll find the large crater from a 15th century volcanic eruption that happened on the island. Nisyros is full of great places to visit and beautiful countryside to explore. You’ll find some stunning buildings dotted around this island as you take in the sights whilst basking in the sun.

Waterpark fun

When you want to make a splash, Lidos Waterpark is the place for you. Just a short drive from Kefalos, you’ll discover the action packed waterpark which is suitable for kids of all ages and has many activities for parents and children to do together.