Avg weather in March
12 Hrs per day
57 mm per month
71 % avg
11 Mph avg

Skiathos Weather in March

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What’s the weather like in Skiathos in March?

The weather in Skiathos in March is still fairly cool, as this is the tail-end of winter. It’s mild in comparison to back home, but not yet hot enough to be soaking up the sun on the island’s beautiful beaches. It can be a bit wet at this time of year too, so you may need to pack an umbrella.

Geographical influences

The Greek island of Skiathos is located in the northwest Aegean Sea and is one of the group of Sporades Islands. It has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and cooler, wetter winters. The island is small in size, just seven miles long and four miles wide, but it’s famous for having so many excellent beaches in such a relatively small coastline.


The Skiathos weather in March has an average temperature of 11˚C. It can often reach highs of around 13˚C, but at night it can get quite cool, with lows of just 4˚C. There’s not as much rain in March as there is over the winter months, but there’s still an average rainfall of 59mm across the month. The sea around Skiathos is at its coldest in March, with an average water temperature of just 14˚C. But even if you don’t take a dip in the sea, you can still enjoy around seven hours of sunshine each day throughout the month.

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