Avg weather in January
9 Hrs per day
53 mm per month
68 % avg
11 Mph avg

Skiathos Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Skiathos in January?

The weather in Skiathos in January is at its coldest throughout the year. It’s also one of the wettest months on the island. Despite that, it still has the potential to be a lot milder than the weather you’d experience at home at the same time of year. It’s a very peaceful time of year in Skiathos, so you can enjoy relaxing walks around the island’s many beautiful beaches.

Geographical influences

The Greek island of Skiathos is home to wooded and rugged landscapes in parts, but is most famous for its sandy and picturesque beaches. For such a small island, it manages to fit around 60 different beaches along its coastline. The island is just seven miles long and four miles wide and is one of the Sporades Islands, located in the north-west Aegean Sea. It has a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild, but wetter winters.


The Skiathos weather in January reaches temperatures of just 9˚C. At most, it might creep up to double figures, but the evening temperatures can drop to as low as 2˚C, so you’ll definitely need to pack a warm coat. January is the second wettest month in Skiathos, after December, so you can expect around 82mm of rain to fall across the month. There are around five hours of sunshine each day in January and the average sea temperature is just 15˚C.

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