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The 5,000 or so islands that make up the Caribbean are well known for their incredible beauty. With breath-taking beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, vast mountainous landscapes and acres of lush tropical rainforest, it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice with us Brits. If you’re thinking of a planning holiday in the Caribbean, choosing which island to visit is one thing, but deciding when to go as just as important.

When we’re freezing cold at home in the UK during the winter, the weather in the the Caribbean is perfect. Between December and April there’s hardly any rain and temperatures are really pleasant; expect averages of around 26°C. This is also a great time to go as many festivals take place during these months, one of the most famous being the Rio Carnival in February. It’s worth saying though, that this, understandably, is the most popular time for people to go, so expect it to be rather busy!

May is considered to be out of peak season, but it’s still a great time to visit. Resorts are a little quieter and the weather is almost as good as the peak months of December to April. You may get a little rain, but this varies from each island. If you like things to be a little hotter, go between June and August when things start to heat up. The mercury can rise to 30°C and it’s also pretty humid. June is one of the wettest months but again, the amount of rain you’ll get depends on where the island is situated.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean officially runs between 1 June and 30 November, but most of the hurricanes will arrive during September and October. It’s also worth noting that the risk of hurricanes varies from island to island, for example, the ones in the south including Barbados and Grenada rarely get affected by hurricanes.

No matter what time of year you choose to go though, you’ll be pleased to hear that the temperature of the Caribbean Sea is always around a balmy 27°C. This makes it perfect for diving, swimming and snorkeling in the calm clear waters.

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