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The best time to go to the Caribbean is in the summer for the warmest temperatures and mild sea water. However, thanks to the Caribbean’s tropical climate, you’re guaranteed warmth and sunshine no matter when you visit.

Winter is a great time to visit the Caribbean because temperatures are pleasant, with an average of around 26°C. Rainfall is also very minimal at this time of year, with most of the rain falling over the summer months.

Things begin to heat up in May and with the lack of crowds, it’s a great time to visit for a quieter holiday. Mercury levels rise in June, which means it’s warmer and it can be very humid at certain times of the month. The Caribbean Sea is quite balmy all year round, with an average temperature of 27°C.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Caribbean has a definite hurricane season, lasting from the start of June until the end of November. Hurricane season may not be the best time to visit the Caribbean if you’re not a fan of strong winds and heavy rainfall, but it’s worth noting that major storms are very rare.

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