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With its location in the Caribbean Sea, Tobago has a tropical climate with a distinct wet season and a dry season. The time of year when you should visit depends on your personal preference and willingness to carry an umbrella wherever you travel.

The wet season is between June and December. It’s the best time to visit Tobago for plenty of heat as temperatures are around 30°C for most of the season, which is perfect for sunbathing and soaking up the tropical sunshine.

The island is located south of the Atlantic hurricane belt, which means it’s in the path of potential tropical storms and hurricanes. The average rainfall at this time of year is around 3,800mm in the Northern Range and 1,250mm in the southwest.

If you want to avoid the heavy rainfall and hurricane season, the best time to go to Tobago is between January and May. There’s a lot less rainfall and temperatures are still high. The average is around 30°C that increases to 32°C in May.

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