Avg weather in April
13 Hrs per day
121 mm per month
72 % avg
6 Mph avg

Tobago Weather in April

What’s the weather like in Tobago in April?

With much less rain than in the wet season, the Tobago weather in April is hot and sunny. It’s a great time to escape to this paradise Caribbean island and make the most of the fantastic climate during Easter or a school holiday.

Geographical influences

Because Tobago, and the nearby island of Trinidad are so close to the equator there’s not much difference in temperature during the year. April’s in the drier season and there should be just light showers. These are usually very welcome during hot days, when you’re relaxing by the beach or your hotel pool.


The pretty tropical island of Tobago enjoys an average high temperature of 31°C in April. This sometimes drops by a few degrees and in the evening it’ll dip to about 20°C, which is ideal for nights out around the local towns and attractions. The Caribbean Sea should be about 27°C and you’ll love going for a swim in the clear waters or trying some fun water sports. The sun rises just before 6am and finally sets at 6.15pm, with an average of eight hours Caribbean sunshine each day. You can expect 48mm of rainfall over six wet-weather days, but the warm temperatures soon dry up any puddles. The heat, humidity and UV levels are all high; the tropical weather in Tobago in April will help to make your holiday one you’ll never forget.

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