Avg weather in May
14 Hrs per day
163 mm per month
71 % avg
6 Mph avg

Tobago Weather in May

What’s the weather like in Tobago in May?

With a brilliant Caribbean climate, the Tobago weather in May is hot and sunny with some refreshing showers. Visitors enjoy the balmy conditions and relaxing around the sandy beaches and tropical forests of Tobago.

Geographical influences

Tobago’s close to the equator, in the southern Caribbean Sea and has year-round warm temperatures that don’t vary much. May’s drier than the rest of the year but still has tropical downpours. The south of the island’s more sheltered from the north-east winds.


Bring your summer clothes this month, because the weather in Tobago in May will be full of warm and humid weather. The showers will probably be short and sharp and 110mm is expected to fall across 18 wet-weather days. The bright sunshine and moderate wind speeds help to break up any cloud. On average, the sun shines for seven to eight hours each day and sets just after 6pm. In May, the average high temperature around Tobago’s 32°C, which falls a little by the coast in the breeze. At night, it cools to 21°C but it’s a good idea to check your hotel has air conditioning. The Caribbean Sea’s the perfect place to cool off on hot days at the beach. The water will be around 27°C in May and you’ll be tempted to try some of the exciting water sports on offer in Tobago. The UV index is high in May, so make sure you use lots of sunblock and carry water with you.

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