Kurşunlu Waterfalls in Antalya

Take a break from the beach and discover the captivating natural beauty of Turkey with a trip to the Kurşunlu Waterfalls, hidden at the end of an unforgettable trail in tranquil shady forests. Hire a car, hop on a bus or take a daily tour to this wonderful site, just a 20 minute journey from central Antalya.

As you step out of your vehicle at the start of the trail, you'll immediately fall in love with the remote, peaceful setting. A visit to Kurşunlu Waterfalls is the perfect way to unwind, and from the moment you arrive it's easy to see why. Stroll through the cool pine forest and alongside the river, and take a moment to breathe in the fresh, clean country air.

As you're walking along the natural paths, look out for wildlife - you may spot trout in the rivers and turtles in the lakes on your way to the falls. The path has plenty of picnic spots along it, so why not bring some food with you and take your time? Kurşunlu Waterfalls themselves are spectacular, with water streaming down across the rocks into the green-blue waters below.

While Kurşunlu is smaller than neighbouring Duden Falls, it's a quieter alternative for a more peaceful day out. Before planning your trip, it's worth bearing in mind that the falls are reduced to a trickle during the dry summer months. However, the picturesque walk is worth the visit alone, as you look out for wildlife and experience Turkey's true natural beauty. Simply magical.

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