Hadrian's Gate in Antalya

Transport yourself back to the Roman era as you take a walk through Hadrian's Gate; one of Antalya's most impressive archaeological highlights. Named after the Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city in 130 AD, the arch is an iconic relic of the old defensive walls built to protect the harbour.

Gaze at the marble columns and ornate ceilings for a fascinating insight into times gone by; adding to Antalya's undeniable charm. With three ornate arches, Hadrian's Gate is used today as a portal in and out of the city, joining Old Antalya with the modern districts. The contrast between old and new is a sight to behold as you drift from the contemporary neighbourhood through to the atmospheric, ancient old town.

Walk underneath the arch, and pay attention to the ground beneath your feet as well as the arches above. Beneath the newly constructed walkway, you'll see large grooves in the original pavement - created over the centuries as carts rolled in and out of the city. Take some time to look at the towers.

The surviving gate spans the centuries, with the southern tower - known as the Julia Sancta tower - hailing from the Roman period, and the northern tower from the 13th century Seljuk Turkish era.

Once you've absorbed the history of Hadrian's Gate, take a walk in the cool shady park alongside it. The gardens are a popular local hotspot and the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a cup of Turkish tea as you watch the world go by.

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