Antalya currency

The currency in Antalya is the Turkish lira.

While Turkey isn’t part of the Eurozone, you might be able to use euros (and US dollars too). You won’t get the best value that way, though, especially in the markets and souqs. So, it’s a good idea to swap your pounds for lira before you go, to make sure you can carry away those bargain Turkish tea glasses you’re going to haggle for. Remember to keep some cash handy for tipping, too!

If you need to exchange more while you’re on holiday, look for a DOVIZ (currency exchange), a post office, or ask at your hotel. Still got some old-style £20 and £50 notes? Leave them at home as Turkish banks can’t take them anymore.

There are also plenty of cash machines in the Antalya area, and cards are accepted in larger places too, so pop the plastic on your packing list. Just be aware of bank charges - you might want to check with your card provider so you know what fees to expect.

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