Duden Waterfalls Turkey

The Duden Waterfalls are an impressive part of the Duden River on the south east coast and just a short bus ride or about a 10 minute drive from Lara Beach. The river flows from the magnificent Taurus Mountains through to the Mediterranean Sea. The cool waters are split into two plateaus, we recommend visiting the Upper Duden falls, as they are more impressive. The Upper Duden falls are 15 metres high and a huge 20 metres wide, set in a gorgeous, green forestry, deep in a pretty valley. Sit in the naturally eroded cave and watch the water fall as a blanket over the cave entrance. Listen to the relaxing sound of the water cascading over the rocks into the warm pool below. The surrounding area is a lovely place to see the blue water glistening in between the emerald coloured trees, whilst having a picnic on the wooden benches in the botanic gardens.