Stroll through Kaleici Old Town Antalya

Experience a part of ancient Antalya in the old town of Kaleiçi. Stroll around the once traditionally Roman town to see attractive, wooden architecture and picturesque stone structures that cast shadows over the narrow cobbled lanes. Wander through the winding streets that are rich in the region's history.

Kaleiçi had huge, thick walls that surrounded the town and safeguarded the harbour, which allowed trade to continue unaffected. Today it's now a protected area with the aim to preserve the historical buildings and stop an influx of constructions spoiling the prehistoric skyline. Enter the city through the beautiful, marble arch carving of Hadrian's Gate that was built in 130AD to commemorate Emperor Hadrian's visit to the city.

Enjoy the calm setting and the traditional food served in the range of restaurants in the town.

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