Nightlife Paphos Cyprus: Bars & Clubs

Cyprus is home to some of the best nightlife in the Mediterranean, with Ayia Napa offering some of the craziest events and clubs you can find. Nightlife in Paphos is a bit different, it's more chilled out than the rest of the island, and it's more about stylish hangouts in great locations than all-night parties.

That doesn't mean Paphos is short on bars and places to go. There's a lot going on in this seafront resort, with lots of places to spend lively evenings and nights out. There's great variety too, to smaller, more intimate bars for chilled hangouts, to lively bars, live music and full-on clubbing.  

Start of the night

You'll find plenty of bars and restaurants down by the harbour, which offers a fantastic backdrop for your nights out in Paphos. You can start with a nice meal, dining al fresco with beautiful views across the water, before moving onto one of the many bars along the promenade.

There's quite a bit of choice, with each bar offering a different style and décor, from neon signs and outdoor hanging lamps to British pubs, Turkish-inspired lounges and even a Flintstones bar! Start your night off with a delicious cocktail and take in some of the eclectic styles before heading out to the bigger clubs.  

Hit the strip

For the biggest and best Paphos nightlife, Agiou Antoniou Street is where you should be heading. Agiou Antoniou Street is known by several names, with locals also calling it 'Bar Street', 'Nightlife Street' and 'Entertainment Street'. No matter what you call it, Agiou Antoniou Street is lined with the best bars and clubs in the city. Nights out in Paphos are easy here, you can simply hop from one bar to the next, with each offering a different night out.

Paphos nightlife is perfect if you're looking to avoid the wildness of Ayia Napa but still want a really fun night out. People going out in Paphos tend to be looking for a more relaxed vibe, having left their Ayia Napa days behind them. There's still a lot of fun to be had though, with plenty of lively bars and clubs to offer a good night out.  

Home away from home

Nightlife in Paphos has long been popular for Brits looking for a great time on holiday. That's why you'll find plenty of British-inspired pubs and bars around the resort. If you're looking for a slice of home on holiday, some of the longer-standing pubs have managed to capture some of the charm and atmosphere of pubs back home.

The main strip of Agiou Antoniou Street is also very popular with Brits abroad. You'll find plenty of the bars and clubs cater to British tourists, so you know you're in for a good time. If you'd prefer to stay away from the most touristy areas, you'll find more authentic tavernas as you head towards the old town and further away from the centre. Here you'll be able to spend your evenings mixing with the locals and learn how the Cypriots spend a night out.  

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