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Step beyond the cities

Away from the sights, souks and spices, Morocco is crammed with natural beauty. And it’s so diverse! From jaw-dropping mountain ranges, to stunning green spaces and soft desert dunes, there’s no shortage of scenic adventures. Just a quick road trip from Marrakech and you’ll be at the almighty Atlas Mountains. Outdoorsy types will love taking in the views from its hillside villages, while thrill seekers may prefer to soar over them in a hot air balloon. A sunrise ride is the ultimate way to start your day.

If ever there was a way to get back to nature, it’s the country’s amazing gardens. Leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and discover some of the world’s most stunning foliage. We’re talking ornate fountains, beautifully painted Moorish buildings and sub-tropical plants, all in the most serene surroundings. 

Then there’s the desert of course! You can’t come to Morocco without exploring those golden dunes. Whether you fancy bobbing over the sand on a buggy, a lazy camel ride or even a night under the stars - it’s all possible in this North African hotspot!

Visit Morocco

Beaches, sports & so much more

Soak up guaranteed winter sunshine

With plenty of sunshine to go around, Morocco’s a perfect winter warmer. So if you’re after fine sand and clear waters, combined with toasty temperatures, you’ll find all this and more.

Morocco boasts a coastline stretching over 2,100 miles, featuring 300 miles along the northern Med-fronted seaside towns and an additional 1,800 miles along the western Atlantic-facing sands. But it’s not all about kicking back, the country’s coastline is also renowned for its fantastic surfing spots.

Most people tend to flock to the urban beaches of Agadir and Casablanca for their dose of vitamin D. But those looking for their watersports fix should hit Essaouira, whose high winds make it a magnet for kite and windsurfers. For serene sunbathing stints overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier promises just that.

Immerse yourself in its cultural heritage

A journey into the past

Bejewelled with imperial citadels, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and majestic palaces, Morocco feels like it's straight out of a storybook. The heartbeat of this North African gem, and a highlight for any traveller, is the Red City, Marrakech. A pulsating hub of market squares, street food vendors and underground bars. Start at the gate of Medina and follow the labyrinth of spices, perfumes and glittering lanterns. Once your feet get weary, stop off at one of the many hammams, where you’ll be scrubbed from head to toe with indulgent black soap.

There’s plenty to see beyond Marrakech, too, from the tiled mosques in Casablanca to the towering Kasbahs in Tangier, and even Swiss-style chalets high in the Atlas mountains (where it snows). It’s the richness of Morocco’s cultural heritage that has given way to such impressive architectural sites. Where pre-Saharan clay dwellings, like Hollywood-favourite Ait Benhaddou, co-exist with the blue-washed villages, Rabat and Chefchaouen.

Sample exotic flavours

A feast for the senses

The food scene alone makes Morocco bucket-list-worthy. From the bubbling tagines in Marrakech, to the spice-stuffed pastilla (filo pastry) in Fes, and the coastal fish markets along Safi. The country’s dishes are as diverse as its history, with Arabic, Jewish, French and Spanish influences across the palette. A Marrakech must-try is the tanjia. An ancient Amazigh stew, cooked over coals. Soak up the juices with a freshly baked traditional Khobz (fluffy Moroccan flatbread). 

Then there’s the street food, with babouche (snail soup), Ma’qooda (the Moroccan french fry), Harira (chickpea soup) and fried sardines stalls lining the squares. While harissa, cumin and coriander flavour the savoury dishes, honey, rosewater, and almonds decorate the sweets. Chebakia is the local favourite. A doughy fried treat slathered in syrup. 

And no trip to Morocco would be complete without sipping on a traditional mint tea. These fragrant pick-me-ups are served throughout the day, with breakfast, alongside your main meal, following a hammam, and even at the souks, when you're negotiating a sale.

Hand-picked Hotels

Whether you’re looking to uncover imperial cities with friend, craving some beach hoping with the family or looking for a hammam retreat with your partner, we’ve got hotels bringing you to the heart of Morocco's top sights.