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Turkey has land in both Europe and Asia. This means that the climate varies depending on where you are in the country. Coastal regions have an oceanic climate with warm summers, cool winters and lots of rainfall.

If you’re staying on the coast near the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea, you can look forward to a warmer Mediterranean climate. Summers are generally hot with an average temperature of 34°C in July and August. It’s the best time to visit Turkey if you’ve come for the heat and the sun as you’ll get 14 hours of sunlight per day.

Resorts near the Black sea are generally wetter than the Mediterranean coast with an annual rainfall of 400mm.

The mountains near the coast help to protect the Mediterranean resorts from strong winds and heavy rainfall but they also stop high temperatures from reaching the interior region of turkey.

The best time to go to Turkey for warm and sunny weather is in the spring. It’s not too hot and temperatures are around 21°C with an average sea temperature of 18°C.

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