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Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and enjoys an oceanic climate. The weather is influenced by low-pressure systems coming in from the Atlantic, which contributes to the region’s somewhat temperamental climate.

The best time to go to Copenhagen is the summer for perfect beach weather and warm temperatures. The average is around 21°C in July and August. July is also the sunniest month of the year and you can look forward to eight hours of lovely sunshine each day.

Temperatures begin to drop quickly in autumn with an increase in rainfall. There’s around 60mm of rain over 19 days in October and November.

For less rain and slightly warmer weather, travel in spring. The weather begins to improve towards the end of March. It’s the best time to visit Copenhagen if you want to avoid the summer crowds and still enjoy the mild weather with just 30mm to 40mm of rainfall per month.

Snowfall is more likely from December to early March, which means you’ll need to pack warm layers if you’re planning a winter getaway.

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