Avg weather in February
9 Hrs per day
56 mm per month
87 % avg
12 Mph avg

Copenhagen Weather in February

What’s the weather like in Copenhagen in February?

The Copenhagen weather in February will be very cold, with high temperatures only a few degrees above freezing. It’s a quiet time to visit the exciting and historic capital of Denmark and explore the sights, parks, museums and galleries in crisp Scandinavian conditions.

Geographical influences

The Danish city of Copenhagen is found on the east coast of the country, in the islands of Zealand and Amager. It’s next to the waters of the Oresund Strait, with the Baltic Sea to the south. Because Copenhagen’s quite low and flat, the winds blowing across these seas reach inland very easily and make the weather feel much colder in winter.


The weather in Copenhagen in February rarely reaches temperatures higher than 4°C. The average low’s -2°C and in the wind it can be even colder. There could be between 20mm to 50mm of snowfall, with about 20mm of rain expected this month. In February, there won’t be much winter sunshine and visitors can expect just a couple of hours each day, on average. The daylight starts to increase from January and December, with the sun rising at 7am and setting around 5.30pm at the end of the month. The sea temperature will be just one or two degrees above freezing.

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