Kaleiçi Old Town Turkey

Take a trip to the ancient Greek city of Side on Turkey's Mediterranean coast and pay a visit to the astonishing Temple of Apollo. The impressive temple is situated at the end of Side's peninsula and draws many tourists to marvel at its sight. The whole of Side is built around ancient ruins. You can start at one end where the famous amphitheatre is and then amble through the narrow streets until you reach the Temple of Apollo at the other end. Unlike many historical ruins, it is possible to touch and feel the carefully carved and constructed marble that has been used to complete this breath-taking structure. Dating back to the 2nd century AD, it's hard to believe that the temple has stood the test of time and you can't help but imagine just how much hard work went into completing it in order for it to thrive like it has. The perfect time of day to visit the Temple of Apollo would be in the late afternoon or early evening so that you can catch a beautiful sun setting behind it.

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