6 Things to do in Kemer

With the Taurus Mountain and pine tree-lined hills serving as its backdrop, a golden 46km coastline and modern marina, the Mediterranean resort of Kemer has everything you need for a spectacular seaside holiday. You'll find the coastal resort of Kemer just over 40 miles from Antalya, where there's natural beauty, history and culture just waiting to be explored. With plenty of things to do in Kemer, Turkey, here's what to add to the top of your list.


Just behind the bobbing boats of the Kemer marina, you'll find the town's main beach. With golden sand and crystalline blue waters, Moonlight beach (Ayisigi beach) is the perfect place to soak up the year-round sunshine. Kids will love the number of water sports they can take part in here; from boogy-boarding, banana boat rides and boat trips, there's plenty to keep them busy all day.

Take in Kemer's sights below the water too with some snorkelling and scuba diving. Explore the great dive spots, bays and coves around Kemer Bay and the many other dive sites along this coastline paradise.


If a spot of retail therapy is top of the Kemer things to do list, you're in luck! Stroll through the town's bustling streets and browse the souvenirs, carpets and trinkets that fill the local shops. Whether you want to try the local produce or simply want to experience some authentic Turkish culture, a visit to Kemer market is a must. Held weekly on a Monday and Tuesday, it's worth wandering around the stalls for fresh fruit, vegetables, and local crafts.

Nomad theme park

This unique attraction is located just a short walk from the marina and Moonlight Beach. Worth visiting for its view across Kemer and the sea alone, the Nomad theme park will give an insight into the history of the locals. Join the chickens, roosters and goats as they mill about the area, while you wander around the mannequins and tents that reenact how local Toruk nomads once lived. Before you leave, make sure you sample some authentic, delicious food in the restaurant.

Natural beauty

If you have a head for heights, take a cable car up to the peak of Mount Tahtali and view the surrounding landscape from one of the best spots. In just over 10 minutes the cable car scales the massive 2365-metre mountain so you can enjoy panoramic views of Kemer and beyond.

For the adrenaline junkie in all of us, kayaking in the cool waters of Göynük Canyon is an exhilarating way to take in the natural beauty. Kids will love getting kitted up in wetsuits before kayaking through the rivers and valleys. Prefer sightseeing from dry land? Hike to the pine tree-lined trail leading to Ucoluk Plateau. With an altitude of 1500 metres, you're guaranteed breathtaking views. There's plenty of things to do in Kemer if you love the outdoors.

Explore further

We doubt you'll run out of things to do in Kemer, but in case you do, it's easy to go exploring a little further afield. Dotted along Turkey's coastline are the ancient ruins found at Olympos. Around 40 minutes from Kemer, take a day trip to this once important Lycian city and walk the 1.5km-long track along the valley to see the ruins and stunning beach. Drive the 15 minutes from Kemer to Phaselis and you'll find the ruins shaded by pines and arranged around three small, perfectly formed bays.


Things to do

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