Mount Chimaera

There's something charming about the mysteries that are hidden across the region of Antalya. The wonders are sometimes inexplicable and attract visitors from all over the world. The Eternal Flames of Chimaera can be found on the side of Mount Chimaera near the Olympos Valley. Close to Kemer, you can take an evening hike through the rich, green countryside for a sight like no other.

Open 24 hours, follow the stone path from the mountains base, three kilometres uphill in the early evening to arrive under the stars and see the everlasting flames that burn in between the fascinating rock formations.

The natural phenomenon is fuelled by a kind of methane gas that has been emitting from the earth for thousands of years. The mountain's height means you can see picturesque views of the coast and drink from a natural cold spring while you're up there.

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