Visit the ancient ruins of Phaselis and Perge

For a break away from the bustle of Kemer, why not head over to the peaceful archeology site of Phaselis City to see the ancient Lycian dwellings. Located in Tekirova, it's just a 20 minute drive from central Kemer. It's a great excursion to enjoy the three small bays and visit the museum to learn more about this fascinating piece of Turkish history. Phaselis City dates back to the Roman era where it was a thriving port town, famous for shipping rose oil, perfumes and timber made from the sounding forest. Now you can wander through the limestone ruins of elaborate Roman baths, buildings and the beautiful amphitheatre. Another site to be seen is about an hour's drive from Kemer to the Turkish Riviera's capital, Antalya. Discover a prehistoric wonder and uncover the historic significance of the Ancient City of Perge. Be in awe of the well preserved Roman ruins which date back to 1300BC. Take a guided tour and see remains of the Roman temple, old school buildings, baths and the magnificent entrance that once stood guarding the great city. If you look closely you can see beautiful stone statues, elaborate carvings and marble reliefs that once decorated the beautiful city.

Visit the ancient ruins of Phaselis and Perge image

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