Our guide to Jungle Park in Tenerife

Close to many popular resorts, the Jungle Park in Costa Adeje is a great day out for all the family. When you fancy a break from the beach, head here to enjoy everything from bird life to bobsledding, all under the blissful blue skies of the Canaries.

What will I see?

Like most modern zoos, the Jungle Park Tenerife recognises its role as custodian of conservation and takes care to create an environment that is more than just a leisure park. Combining this philosophy with the natural jungle setting gives you all the ingredients you need for a memorable day out.


During your visit you'll see everything from big cats, including the majestic black panther and leopard, to cheeky gibbons and orangutans. All the animals have carefully created homes, giving them an experience as close to being in the wild as possible, but without the danger from predators. Smaller mammals are here too, including lively meerkats and cheeky racoons.


If you're a fan of our cold-blooded friends you'll love the reptile house, which features snakes, iguanas and turtles, plus you'll get the chance to spot a croc or a caiman snapping their jaws. Watching as the reptiles chill out in the sun and recharge their batteries is a fascinating experience.


Birds are a major draw to Tenerife's Jungle Park. Majestic eagles soar overhead, falcons show off their hunting skills, and colourful macaws delight their visitors with their playful behaviour. You'll see pelicans, peacocks, and there's a special spot for everyone's favourite, the comical penguin. Whether it's catching a glimpse of colourful wings overhead or enjoying seeing the birds in a specially-made aviary, we think seeing these unique creatures will be a highlight of your visit.

Passport Experience

If you have a particular passion for falcons or smaller mammals like the monkeys and meerkats, a passport experience gives you the chance to work alongside the keepers or falconers to learn about caring for the animals as well as getting a unique opportunity to spend time with them without the crowds.

What else is there to do?

There's plenty to keep you occupied after you've seen all the animals. Jungle Park Tenerife is a lovely place to stroll around, spying waterfalls and lagoons as you go. A speedier way to cross the park is on the 800-metre bobsleigh ride: it's a thrilling experience at top speeds and a great way to inject a few laughs into your day. If you feel the need to harness your inner Indiana Jones, then you've found the perfect place. The Jungle Raid experience gives you chance to journey through the jungle over 300 metres of ropes, tunnels and bridges, as you dare yourself to meet the challenges of the course.

Getting here

Jungle Park Tenerife is within 10-12 minutes' drive from Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and other resorts in the south. If you're staying in the north of the island, it'll take around an hour and a half to reach the park. There are also dedicated bus services from the north or south of the island. These run on specific days and must be pre-booked, so it's worth checking details with the park to help plan your trip.

Food and facilities

There are plenty of family-friendly food stops in the park, with a good range of fast food. If you're watching your budget, then bringing some snacks and plenty of cold drinks will see you through the day. There's a gift shop so you can grab a souvenir of your day, and plenty of toilets and hand wash spots throughout the park. We think Tenerife's Jungle Park is a cracking way to spend a day away from the sands, and it's packed full of ways to make magical memories for you and your family.


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