Walking & Hiking In Tenerife

There's no better way to uncover the natural beauty of this island than to set off on a Tenerife walking adventure. Trek through lush countryside, discover sleeping volcanoes and wander across vast national parks as you explore the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands. Embark on a Tenerife guided walk and get back to nature as you enjoy the scent of the surrounding flora and soak up the warm sunshine. There's loads of incredible walking routes throughout Tenerife, so grab your backpack and look forward to unleashing your inner hiker whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro. Here's some of the best walking and hiking routes in Tenerife that you won't want to miss:

Rosa Vieja to Los Silos

This walk begins from the bus stop near Camel Centre and heads out towards Ruigomez. You'll pass through farming fields and enjoy panoramic views of the island whilst on this trek, which is great for all explorers. You'll walk through the lush green countryside and the Barranco descent is quite dramatic and fun.

Afur Loop Walk

If rocky canyons and trails lined with prickly cactus sound good to you, you'll love Tenerife hiking trails like this one. Dip your toes in the mild blue waters on a secluded beach and explore the coastline and epic views of the surrounding mountains. Hike up hillsides and explore quiet hamlets until you reach Taganna. Here, you'll have time to rest and look around the historic village that includes a beautiful church dating back to the 16th century. You'll then loop back around to the village of Afur where you started.

Anaga Mountains

Step back in time with a fascinating walk through the stunning Anaga Mountains in North Tenerife. The hike takes around four to five hours depending on whether you take the longer or shorter route. The walk takes you into ancient forests and guides you through old merchant trails, offering spectacular views of the beautiful landscape. Most walkers will enjoy this walk and it's a superb workout for your thighs.

Teide National Park

There are three routes to choose from when you set off to explore Teide National Park. It's Spain's highest mountain, so make sure you've got a good pair of hiking boots on and prepare to climb up volcanic rock formations and rugged cliffs. The toughest route includes steep ascents and descents, so it's probably a good idea to book one of the guided walking tours if you're relatively new to hiking.

Hiking in South West Tenerife

The trail from the Lost Village of Las Fuentes to Chirche is one for the history buffs who want to discover the secrets of Tenerife's past. Explore the abandoned lost village of Las Fuentes, where ghosts lurk in the shadows and then make your way to Chinyero. Here, you'll see what remains after the volcano erupted on the island and left unusual rock formations in its fiery path. Expect a mix of short climbs, flat terrain and dipping valleys when you embark on this walk in southwest Tenerife.

Barranco del Infierno

Take the excitement up a notch with a hike through the splendid beaches of Costa Adeje and Hell's Ravine. The round trip takes around three hours to complete and along the way, you'll come across a beautiful waterfall and stunning scenery.

La Orotava to La Caldera and Aguamansa

This circular route is fantastic for beginners who just want to enjoy a leisurely walk through pine forests, green valleys, and rural farmlands. You'll get to feel the warm sun on your skin as you trek through Northern Tenerife. If you prefer, you can take a different route which will guide you through forests with stunning coastal views.

Tenerife Guided Walks & Hikes

If you're new to hiking and don't know Tenerife very well, a guided Tenerife walking experience is perfect. Discover dramatic landscapes with help from a professional who knows the area like the back of their hand. Most guided hikes in Tenerife will build the adventure based around your needs. You'll have a variety of excursions to choose from and no matter what you pick, you're always guaranteed scenic landscapes and breathtaking views you'll remember for a lifetime. If you'd rather take it easy and stroll through the lush countryside, you can definitely do that. However, if you're craving adventure and want to discover ancient volcanoes and some rock climbing, you can go for a more experienced guided hike. From coastal paths to walks through thick forests and mountain ravines, there's plenty to see and do when you explore Tenerife on foot.


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