Monkey Park Spain

Experience these cheeky and inquisitive animals up close and personal, as you jump into the wild at the amazing Monkey Park. After taking a five to ten minute trip from either Playa de la Americas or Los Cristianos, you'll find out why this popular attraction is number one in the hearts of many.

Step into the action of this conservation and breeding centre; it's the only zoo in the Canary Islands that specialises in monkeys and has been described as ”the biggest little zoo in the world'. Amongst these wonderful animals you'll find gibbons, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, marmosets, chimps and lemurs. Walk through the cages of the tamer residents as they roam around their home.

Make sure you take some food with you; bananas, grapes and apples being particular favourites, and don't be surprised if some of the animals hop onto your shoulder or back for a ride! Witness the animals up close, and learn everything about their diets, weight, lifestyles and how they evolved. The young, and young at heart, will love it.

Take some time to explore the beautiful surroundings including the giant cactus park and lovely shaded areas to take a quick break for a bite to eat. Walk across the wooden bridge and gaze across the pond where crocodiles and turtles live, then explore further to find other wonderful creatures including giant tortoise, iguanas, parrots, snakes, guinea pigs and big cats.

Keep an eye out for the brightly coloured, exotic birds that fly around the giant aviary including macaws, cockatoos and toucans; there's an animal here for the whole family to fall in love with. Discover the wild side of Tenerife on your holiday; the only downside is you can't take them back with you!

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