Puerto Del Carmen Old Town Harbour

A pretty and calming section of Puerto del Carmen, the Old Town Harbour is a great place to stroll along and soak up some atmosphere. During the day, it's a popular place for tourists to wander about, so if you get an early start to your day you'll have the place more to yourself and you can really appreciate its beauty and tranquility. The bars and restaurants along the harbour open in the morning, so you can enjoy a breakfast with a charming backdrop to start your day off right. In the evening, these bars and restaurants serve up some of the best seafood in the region, with a warm and friendly atmosphere spreading as the evening goes on. It also makes an ideal spot to watch the sun set with the gentle waters sparkling. To keep the kids entertained, a playground is found near the selection of restaurants, allowing them to burn off some energy and have fun while you enjoy a glass of your favourite drink with a delicious meal. The Plaza del Varadero plays host to some fantastic live concerts, the outdoor setting providing an exciting venue where the crowds quickly gather for an evening of entertainment.