Montana Roja in Playa Blanca

The walk up the 'Red Mountain' is a must when you're on holiday in Playa Blanca, and it's not just for hikers.

Montana Roja, an old volcano, isn't as high as it looks when you're in Playa Blanca but the views from the top are absolutely beautiful. You can look down on the resort and beaches and out across the sea to the island of Fuerteventura. It's your reward for following the rough, steadily climbing path up the mountainside, which takes most people about half an hour.

You can also walk all the way around the edge of the crater and even go down inside it; why not write out your name in stones while you're there? It's a bit of a tradition.

Montana Roja may be a volcano but it's no longer active, so you won't be treated to any smoke and lava, which might sound disappointing if you're a bit of a thrill-seeker. In that case, you should definitely take a trip to the lava fields of Timanfaya National Park, home of the Fire Mountains, and stop at the park's restaurant to eat food grilled over the lava.

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