Agadir Medina

For a different sightseeing experience, spend an afternoon in Agadir Medina. The interestingly designed buildings and museum make up a culture community with the purpose to showcase the local artistic talent. The Moroccan born, Italian architect, Coco Polizzi wanted to replace the Medina lost in Agadir's devastating 1960s earthquake and managed to complete this cultural hive in 2007.

The 13 acre medina was made entirely by hand from local stone, brick and wood, which was decorated using both Berber and Saharan styles. The area is a combination of a living ethnological museum, bazaar and art workshops. Local painters, craftsmen, jewellers and carpenters regularly use the studios and open spaces to showcase their art and latest ware.

Stroll around the Medina to see the magnificent architecture, wander through the tunnelled alleyways to the amphitheatre and discover fantastic sculptures and performances.

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Agadir Medina

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