Costis Pottery

Witness the last remaining Thassian potter at work as you visit this hidden gem on the south west coast of Thassos Town. In this fascinating workshop you'll meet Costis; a man who proudly continues a family pottery tradition spanning over 3,000 years.

As you enter the small beachside shop, take the time to browse Costis's beautiful and affordable work. Founded by his grandfather in 1912, Costis Pottery is a labour of love, skill and age-old tradition, taking inspiration from both ancient and modern Greece. If you catch him at the potter's wheel, you'll be captivated by the process, as clay is moulded into a work of art.

Looking around this charming shop, Costis will explain his craft. His decorative ceramic work, including kitchenware and homeware, is available for purchase, making this little haven of Greek pottery the perfect place to buy locally-made souvenirs. With your new-found insight into the long history of this pottery workshop, your souvenir will certainly have its own unique story to tell.

Once you've said your goodbyes, take a moment to appreciate the beautiful view of the ocean. Located within walking distance of the town, Costis Pottery is a fascinating place to spend an hour after relaxing at the beach.

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