Summer holidays to Corfu

Thanks to our massive selection of wonderful Corfu summer holiday deals, you can escape in style to this magical Mediterranean location. Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands. It's just off the coast of Greece and Albania, with the warm Ionian Sea lapping its lengthy coastline.

You'll love Corfu's Mediterranean climate. The average temperature in summer is usually well above 25°C, with very little rain touching the island at this time. The sea stays warm for most of the year too, which means you can take a relaxing dip or try some fun water sports.

Our fantastic resorts are located all over the island. Book your summer holiday to Corfu at the lively town of Moraitika in the south and make the most of the fine golden sands at Moraitika beach. Here, the smartline Nasos resort offers you brilliant value. You could also head to pretty Kavos, on the southern tip of Corfu. Kavos beach and the surrounding bay area is one of the largest, and liveliest, on the island.

Maybe you and your family prefer to relax at Kassiopi, in the far north east of Corfu? You can wander its traditional fishing area or explore the ancient remains of Kassiopi Castle. When you're visiting the beaches and towns, make sure you stop at the many restaurants and tapas bars to try the local fish and cheese dishes. If you're in a traditional taverna, ask your waiter for a glass of ouzo or Greek brandy to wash your meal down in true Greek style.

Take a trip to the glorious Mediterranean hotspot and experience the delights of Greece in the summer.

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