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Larnaca might be one of the Mediterranean's oldest cities, but when it comes to the Larnaca nightlife, it has enough to keep even the most dedicated party-goers happy! By day, you can bask on one of the beautiful, sun-bleached beaches, visit fascinating museums and explore ancient ruins.

By night, Larnaca undergoes a stunning transformation, as the promenade lights flicker into life and the sounds of party-heads gathering at the bars, clubs and pubs starts to fill the air. While the Larnaca nightlife might not be as hectic or intense as it is in nearby Ayia Napa, it does mean smaller crowds and a far easier journey back to your hotel!

Coffee with the locals

While there's plenty of nightlife for the younger party crowd, it doesn't mean that older holidaymakers are consigned to their hotel rooms and a good book! If you want to explore Larnaca by night, but don't fancy packed clubs and bars, many of the cafés stay open until the hours. From around midnight, you'll find the locals gathering over late-night coffees and watching the world go by, so it's a great way to see exactly what's going on, but without having to be part of it.

The Larnaca nightlife

However, if your idea of Larnaca nightlife is of buzzing clubs, banging tunes and colourful cocktails, there's plenty on offer. You'll find the bigger, more commercial venues down by the beach. The Laiki Yitonia neighbourhood has been pedestrianised and, if you're staying in the Hotel Zone, is easily within walking distance.

Some of the larger clubs and bars have made their home in this popular part of Larnaca, and it's the most obvious place to go, especially if you're new to the resort. The venues here are just what you'd expect: loud, lively, and full of holidaymakers, offering a range of musical genres, from dance and pop to clubs holding nights dedicated to old-school rock and hip-hop.

However, if you want to go where the locals go, there's a row of bars and clubs tucked away, behind Makenzy Beach. While the venues are a little smaller, they're just as vibrant and offer a more authentic Cypriot night out.

Atmospheric cocktail bars

Cocktail bars are starting to establish themselves as a permanent part of Larnaca nightlife. Very different from the glitzy bars in Ayia Napa, Larnaca's cocktail bars are a charming fusion of old and new.

Typically, they're old buildings that have been renovated, with low, atmospheric lighting, smart, sleek furniture, and enthusiastic mixologists rattling their cocktail shakers. While the drinks in these establishments are a little pricier than you'll find in the pubs and clubs, you can expect to enjoy drinks made using fresh ingredients and local liquor, alongside the usual, big-name brands.

Larnaca's cocktail bars are more laid back than the clubs, so rather than banging tunes, you can enjoy a drink to the sounds of jazz or the chill-out music, which has made the region so famous amongst clubbers.

The best beach parties

Beach parties are popular with the locals and visitors alike and an essential part of the Larnaca nightlife. Without being in the confines of a club, you're free to dance to live music or sit back on the sands with a drink and watch the party get underway. Larnaca Beach is the busiest when it comes to beach parties and you'll see an eclectic crowd, with some partygoers dressed up to the nines and others wearing flip-flops and t-shirts.

Of all the beach-clubs along what's known as 'the Makenzy Strip', Ammos is probably the most famous, hosting high-end beach parties throughout the holiday season. In addition to DJs and dance music, you can expect to see local musicians playing ambient tunes or themed events such as ”Flower Power', R&B and Funk nights.

A good, old-fashioned pub

If your perfect night out has more in common with a burger and a beer than the latest pop tunes, you'll find that there are plenty of pubs in Larnaca. Pubs, such as the Meeting Pub, Finnegan's Irish Pub, and the Tudor Inn, offer everything you'd expect from a British boozer but with a few added extras thrown in. Some host special evenings such as curry nights, while others like to have live music on the go. It's not unusual to walk into a pub and find a close-up magician working the crowd!

On top of that, you'll find a selection of familiar beers, rubbing shoulders with local brews, wines and spirits. While Ayia Napa might hold the crown for the biggest in bars and clubs, the nightlife here is a strong contender, with plenty on offer for those who want to invoke the spirit of Dionysus for a night, and plenty for those who would rather take a quieter approach.

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