Historical sites in Larnaca

It's impossible to visit the ancient city of Larnaca without adding a bit of culture to your stay. One of the top things to do in Larnaca is to explore the city's rich and fascinating history. Considering the size of the city, it's not difficult to make your way around the numerous sites and museums, as most of this can be done by foot.

There are a number of Byzantine basilicas, medieval cathedrals and churches to visit in Larnaca. But perhaps the most famous of all is the Church of Saint Lazarus. This 17th century church contains the tomb of Saint Lazarus who apparently lived for another 30 years after being raised from the dead by Jesus. It's certainly worth a visit.

Other highlights of the city's historical centre include the impressive Larnaca Fort. This is home to the medieval museum and also offers some incredible views overlooking the sea. Be sure to visit Pierides museum and Othello's Castle as part of your historic explorations too.

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