MS Zenobia Wreck in Larnaca

On the 7th June 1980, a large ferry named MS Zenobia capsized and sank just off the shore of Larnaca. It had suffered a technical error, causing the ship to seriously list. The captain was therefore ordered to move it away from the harbour so that it wouldn't cause an obstruction, should the worst happen. The worst did indeed happen, but luckily there was nobody on board at the time. Zenobia sank to a depth of around 42 metres with £200 million worth of cargo still on board.

Since the disastrous outcome of its maiden voyage, the ship has become a popular spot for scuba divers to explore and is one of the top 10 shipwreck dives in the world. Novice divers can view the wreck at a depth of 16 metres. But more experienced divers can go right to the bottom and even into the lower car deck and engine room.

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