5 Great Holiday Destinations With a Baby

Sharing your life with an infant can be a challenge at times. So taking baby abroad might seem like a step too far. If a stroll to a local café seems difficult, will you be able manage a trip across the Med? The simple answer is yes, of course you will! To help you get started, we've put together our top tips for travelling with your little one, and our top 5 of the best places for holidays with a baby.

Travelling with a tot is a lot easier than you think. Little babies stay where they’re put. They don’t argue about where to go and what to do (that’ll come later). They actually need very little in terms of essentials, just milk, nappies and clothes, plus a little food if they've reached that milestone. So it makes sense to take advantage of this infant stage to get back out there. Well, why not start as you mean to go on?

The best places to go on holiday with a baby boast handy beaches, lots to do and easy access to facilities and supplies. Plus, family-friendly hotels with a team of staff who are used to babies will happily give you a moment’s rest during breakfast or dinner.

Our list of the best holiday destinations with a baby is a great starting point. But nowhere’s off-limits if you’re organised and determined enough to make it work. Before we start, here are a few tips to help you choose your perfect child-friendly resort.

Tips for travelling with tiny tots

1. Self Catering is really appealing with a little one because it offers extra flexibility. But don’t rule out All Inclusive. Whether you’re breast or bottle-feeding, it’ll reduce your stress and up the relaxation factor to have no shopping or meal prep to worry about. And the catering team will be more than happy to warm up a bottle or provide boiled water for making up feeds.

2. Stick to the five-hour rule when flying with young babies, although shorter is most definitely better. Babies might fly for free, but with no seat of their own, they’ll be passed between you and your partner, which can get tiring after a while. So keep the flight short if you can.

3. Research the weather and go for destinations with cooler temperatures. Or holiday out of season to avoid the kind of heat that’ll be uncomfortable for your baby. Gentle sunshine is best for everyone at this stage, so we recommend staying in the 20s (˚C).

1) Majorca

A beautiful bay in Majorca in Spain's Balearic Islands

The closest destination on the list, Majorca can be reached by plane in just over two hours from Gatwick. Glorious sandy beaches dotted with small and friendly resorts make this a great place for families. Temperatures are not excessive either, reaching a pleasant 25 to 27˚C in May and June. Avoid the height of summer to be sure of a comfortable stay.

Try the Zafiro Ca'n Picafort in a resort that’s long been a firm favourite with families. And with an on-site cinema and a great choice of apartments, this is somewhere you can easily unpack and relax.

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2) Croatia

Beautiful view of Korcula island in Croatia

This may be a surprising one, but reachable in just three hours, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a delight for families with babies. Stunning scenery mixes with great beaches and temperatures that tend not to go above 30˚C, even in July and August.

Croatia is a very family-centred destination and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Try the Bluesun Hotel Neptun on the Makarska Riviera for a relaxing, All Inclusive stay. Reviews show that Croatia is fast becoming a popular choice, with many off-grid attractions waiting to be explored. You can take a day trip to the capital Dubrovnik or plan a scenic drive to the dramatic Krka waterfalls. Baby will sleep on the way, waking refreshed and ready to go.

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3) Mainland Spain

A view of Benidorm's famous skyline

An old favourite for families, you can’t go wrong with the Costas. You can fly to the Spanish mainland in under three hours for the prettiest white-washed villages, lengthy beaches of clean, golden sand and resorts that have been looking after families for generations.

With everything to hand, you can be sure of finding baby essentials in your resort or near to it. Spanish supermarkets on the Costas Brava, Blanca, Dorada and Del Sol are well known for catering to the British traveller, and English-speaking hoteliers know how to treat their visitors. Try the one-bedroom garden suites at Ikos Andalusia, a safe bet for spacious All Inclusive accommodation. Perfectly sized for families with up to three children, with your own private garden for older siblings to let off steam while you get baby down for a nap.

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4) The Algarve, Portugal

Beach sunset in Portugal's Algarve region

Always a popular destination, the Algarve has so much to offer young families. You’ll get there in less than three hours, ready to explore a coastline that’s dotted with resorts. Some are big and lively, others are small and secluded, but all are ready to welcome families to their heart. So, however you like to holiday, there’s a destination to suit.

If you have children with a mix of ages, try the Aquashow Park Hotel. With plenty of water slides and kids’ clubs, it’s easy to keep your older children entertained. That should free up some time to spend with your baby without interruptions from brothers and sisters.

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5) Bulgaria

Nessebar in Bulgaria

You might not have considered Bulgaria but it's a great place to visit. A little further than some on the list, it takes around 3 hours 20 minutes from airport to airport, but it’s so worth it. The Blue Flag beaches are clean and safe, while the unspoilt nature of these resorts puts you right in the middle of Bulgarian culture.

Nessebar is a beach resort with old and new towns to explore. So, you can shop in the day, while sampling the gentler side of the town’s nightlife before baby’s bedtime. Meanwhile, Sunny Beach lives up to its name. Busier than Nessebar, it has an array of eateries and lots to do, including mini-golf and an aquapark. Choose the Madara Park Hotel for a fun, no-nonsense holiday with plenty to see and do.

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So that’s our top five. Make notes, take stock, but whatever you do, go! After all, travelling with your baby is a wonderful adventure you can share as a family.

First published 2018. Reviewed by Adele Grant and republished 2021

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