Playa De Las Americas

Avg weather in June
13 Hrs per day
99 mm per month
76 % avg
12 Mph avg


What’s the weather like in Playa de las Americas in June?

June is an excellent time to visit Playa de las Americas. This purpose-built holiday resort is perfect for family getaways and groups of friends who want to let their hair down and have a great time.

Geographical influences

Nestled on the south-west coast of Tenerife is the beautiful holiday resort of Playa de las Americas. The region has a lovely subtropical climate, great restaurants serving local cuisine and miles of sandy beaches for you to enjoy.


Playa de las Americas has an average temperature of 21°C at the start of the month. However, things start to heat up towards July with temperatures reaching up to 26°C at peak times of the day. Despite the great weather, there tends to be quite a lot of rain showers scattered throughout the month. In total, the region experiences 99mm of rain which means there’s a high chance you’ll witness one or two short showers during your stay. Overall, Playa de las Americas weather in June is very warm and sunny and perfect for a family holiday or a getaway for two.

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