Playa De Las Americas

Avg weather in April
12 Hrs per day
159 mm per month
73 % avg
11 Mph avg

Playa De Las Americas Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Playa de las Americas in April?

April experiences a huge increase in temperatures, with the numbers rising up to the mid-twenties towards the end of the month. If you want to experience the warm heat of Tenerife without feeling too hot or overwhelmed, April is the perfect time to visit.

Geographical influences

Playa de las Americas is a beautiful holiday resort that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It’s located on the south-west coast of Tenerife and home to a fine selection of excellent beaches and top restaurants. The resort experiences a lovely climate with warm summers, mild winters and continuous sunshine all year round.


Playa de las Americas weather in April is very warm and sunny. The average temperature during the day is 16°C but it has been known to rise up to 23°C towards the end of the month. The average rainfall is 159mm, which means there’s a good chance you’ll see a few showers during your stay but it won’t be anything too serious. When you see the rain clouds coming across the sky, simply head to the nearest bar or restaurant and enjoy a few drinks while you’re waiting for the sun to come back out again. You won’t have to wait for long as the sun shines for 12 hours per day, giving you lots of time to enjoy your stay.

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