Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
10 mm per month
69 % avg
9 Mph avg

Elounda Weather in September

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hat’s the weather like in Elounda in September?

September is a very popular month to visit this charming Mediterranean resort on the Greek island of Crete. The Elounda weather in September is very warm and has plenty of late summer sunshine, with the crowds of August and July having disappeared.

Geographical influences

The clear blue seas around Elounda are part of the secluded Mirabello Bay and are quite sheltered and calm. Elounda enjoys a great location on Crete’s north coast. Resorts in this region can have slightly lower temperatures than those in the south because of the cooling northerly winds which can reach this part of the island.


The weather in Elounda in September produces an average of just 10mm of rain across just two rain-affected days. Temperatures reach an amazing daytime average high of 27°C and only drop to around 19°C on rare colder days. Sunbathers will love the 12 hours of sunshine in Elounda in September. With the sun up until 7.45pm at the start of the month, there’s plenty of time to relax at the beach or by your pool. The winds are calm at just 9mph on average but the UV level is quite high, so take care in the late summer sun and use plenty of sunblock.

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