Avg weather in October
11 Hrs per day
40 mm per month
71 % avg
9 Mph avg

Elounda Weather in October

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What’s the weather like in Elounda in October?

Elounda is a beautiful resort town on the north coast of Crete, not far from the island’s famous historic attractions. Popular for relaxing holidays in the sun, the long, hot summer’s coming to an end in October as autumn takes hold. If you don’t mind the occasional shower, this is a great time to go on holiday to Elounda if you want to explore the area as well as hit the beach. Temperatures are warm without being too hot, though you may have to work around the rain at times.


The average temperature in Elounda is 19°C in October, rising to a high of 22°C in the hottest part of the day. With an average low of 16°C after dark, you might need some warmer layers for evenings out in the town, especially towards the end of the month. Rainfall increases to 70mm for the month of October, and it’s spread over six days, so it’s worth bringing a waterproof jacket or umbrella if you plan to go sightseeing. If you’re at the beach and want to go for a dip, the Mediterranean Sea’s a lovely 23°C this month, great for swimming and snorkelling.

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