Avg weather in August
13 Hrs per day
1 mm per month
69 % avg
12 Mph avg

Elounda Weather in August

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What’s the weather like in Elounda in August?

If you’re looking for a great value holiday in one of Greece’s top locations, then check out Elounda in Crete. It enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate and the Elounda weather in August is hot, very sunny and with barely a drop of rain. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Geographical influences

Elounda, and the sandy beaches around it, are part of the Mirabello Bay region along the north coast of Crete. The bay helps to keep the waters calm and perfect for swimming and splashing around in. Northerly winds can reach Crete in summer months like August but this usually comes as welcome refreshment from the famous Greek heat.


You’ll need plenty of sunblock, because the weather in Elounda in August reaches an average temperature of 29°C. At night time this drops to a cool 20°C, but it’s a good idea to check that your hotel has air conditioning. The sun blazes for an average of 13 hours a day, with the sun not setting until around 8.20pm at the beginning of the month. Rainfall is very low in Elounda in August, with an average of just 1mm, and you’ll be quite unlucky to see any significant rain. The humidity level is 70% so take water with you if you’re walking around in the afternoon sun. The sea temperature is the best of the year at 26°C on average.

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