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Washington State holidays

The ‘Evergreen State’ sits up on the upper west coast of the USA, bordering Canada. It’s the birthplace of grunge and specialty coffee, a producer of world-renowned wine, and home to a volcano. Washington is a state of contrasts. To the south is the hot and dry Wine Country and Walla Walla; to the west, the cosmopolitan ‘Emerald City’ of Seattle sits in the shadow of the snow-tipped mountains.

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If distinctive urban style is what you’re looking for, Seattle is ideal - it’s regarded as one of the coolest cities in the USA. No wonder; it made coffee fashionable, and is the birthplace of the grunge music scene. For a more easy-going vibe, head south to sophisticated Vancouver, with its elegant architecture and tranquil scenery. Those seeking something different will love warm and sunny Yakima Valley, where you can wander around the vineyards and stay in a rustic bed and breakfast.

30-40 ℃

Best time to visit: July to August, when the infamously rainy skies are clearer.

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7 hours

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) for Seattle, and Portland International Airport (PDX), which is around 17km from Vancouver.