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In New England, the journey is the destination. America’s northeast region is overflowing with panoramic mountain views, scenic coastlines and charming towns. 

Discover rich history, cultural depth, quaint villages and natural beauty at every turn along the scenic roads. Stay in cosy inns or luxurious resorts. Sample local food at lobster shacks or dine in fine restaurants. Hike trails framed by colourful autumn leaves or count the lighthouses along the rocky shorelines; what are you waiting for? 

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Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA, but offers plenty of stunning beaches. Massachusetts is the historic centre of New England, and home to Boston, the biggest city in the region. Wander along the dunes of Cape Cod, and you’ll see why it’s a draw for artists and writers. New Hampshire is picture-postcard perfect, with its forests, mountain views, beaches, and quaint little villages. Vermont’s bold autumn colours need no filters, they’re worth the trip alone. All the New England states could fit into Maine, the ‘Pine Tree State’, which boasts stunning white pine tree scenery.

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Best time to visit New England: Spring and autumn for outdoor adventures, summer for the beaches and in the winter for the snowsports.

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Boston’s Logan International Airport, which is close to the city centre.