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Many see America’s North East as the most familiar part of the USA, with the picturesque New England states, famous for its seafood and scenic drives, to the bustling and varied cities of Boston, with its colonial history; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s grand metropolis and the birthplace of American democracy; and, of course, Washington, D.C. the capital of the USA. The North East region offers global wonders beyond its cities; namely in the form of Niagara Falls and perhaps America’s most iconic water feature.

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New England’s picture postcard scenery is filled with charming little villages, lush green valleys and a seemingly endless coastline. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, and one of the oldest cities in the USA. With its narrow, winding roads and red brick buildings, the city has an old world European feel to it. Discover the city’s rich history along the Freedom Trail which takes in some of the most important sites from Boston’s revolutionary past. Known as the ‘Birthplace of America”, Philadelphia is home to the most historic square mile in the U.S. The city’s diverse art scene and vibrant street life make it one of the most exciting cultural spots in the country.

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Best time to visit the North East Corridor: Autumn when the scenery is particularly beautiful and temperatures are pleasant and cool.

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Washington D.C’s main airport is Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) which is 42 km west of downtown Washington. Logan International Airport (BOS) is Boston’s main airport, and is 5km from downtown Boston. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is 13km from downtown Philadelphia.