Puerto Del La Cruz Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

Puerto de la Cruz is the grand-daddy of Canarian tourism, and has been attracting tourists and sun-seekers since the late 1800s. Although it's expanded to cope with the growing demands from visitors, it has managed to keep its original character and is one of the most charming and popular resorts in northern Tenerife. And when the sun goes down, this wonderful location really puts on its party shoes, with Puerto de la Cruz nightlife that'll keep you entertained until dawn.

With safe, beautiful beaches, chic promenades, and leafy parks scattered across the town, it's easy to see why the Victorians fell in love with this place so quickly. However, times have changed since the 19th Century and so have the needs of modern visitors. A huge part of a holiday here is the nightlife, which is vibrant, exciting, and always surprising.

Starting the Evening Off

The nightlife is fairly slow to start, but when it gets going, it really gets going! You'll find the clubs and discos opening their doors around nine in the evening, but this is considered a little too early for things to really kick off. Instead, you'll find the locals and those in the know sitting in the bars and pubs that line the plazas, enjoying a leisurely drink and watching the crowds slowly gather. Some, such as Bar Dinamico and Compostelana, have live music playing, to gently set the mood. Older locals tend to gather in the cafés, such as Café de la Noche and Café Elbano, to sip on coffees and watch the world go by.

If you prefer a pint in a pub while waiting things to warm up, there are plenty to choose from. The pubs, such as The Beehive and Molly Malone's are located towards the quieter harbour area. Because many of the pubs are owned and run by ex-pats, you'll find them as familiar and friendly as those back home. Molly Malone's does a great line in live music, while The Beehive is the place to go if there's a sporting event on, with large screens and plenty of sports fans for a friendly and lively atmosphere.

Party the night away

Between nine o'clock and midnight, Puerto de la Cruz starts to come to life, with the busier bars turning up the volume and getting the party started. The bars in the streets leading towards the Old Town offer a more authentic Canarian experience, with low-lit cocktail lounges and atmospheric bars housed in rustic, renovated old buildings. These haunts are popular with the locals and a great way to get to grips with the Canarian culture.

The Blanco Bar plays an eclectic range of live music, from local rock-bands to the occasional tribute artist. For some sultry salsa music, head to Azucar and get those hips shaking! When it comes to clubs, the best area to head to is Avenida Familia Betancourt Y Molina: this is where you'll find the biggest and the best. The clubs tend to come into their own around midnight and there are enough playing various genres of music to suit all tastes.

Vampis is widely regarded as one of the best in Tenerife, playing the latest in House and Techno and with an elaborately decorated bar area. It opens just after midnight and keep the party going until around eight in the morning, so you can bop until it's time for breakfast!

Victoria is one of the older clubs, and has been part of the Puerto de la Cruz nightlife scene for over 30 years. Unlike many of the more modern clubs in the area, Victoria likes to throw the spotlight on old-school music, and there are regular 70s nights to help you get in touch with your inner hippy!

Dragging the Night Out

With Puerto de la Cruz becoming increasingly popular for hen nights, the region has responded with some serious glitter and glamour in the form of drag bars. Rock up to places such as the Sabor Sabor nightclub. Party goers are treated to shows featuring bold and bawdy drag artists and some of the best disco tunes in town; ideal for gaggles of girls out celebrating!

A Passport that Protects your Pennies

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Fiestas and Festivals

Something that many visitors tend to overlook, but can put an exciting spin on nightlife here, are the many festivals and fiestas that take place throughout the year. The best month for festivals is July, when you'll find celebrations of jazz, rock and traditional music taking place, usually close the harbour. For something completely out of the ordinary, put the ”Embarcacion de la Virgen del Carmen' in your diary. This is an annual festival that starts in the afternoon, with a giant water-pistol fight that spills across the entire resort. Don't expect to be safe from a soaking by hiding in a bar or pub: the rules seem to be thrown out of the window and everyone gets wet! As the sun starts to set, you'll experience beach parties, barbeques and music, finished with a fantastic firework display.


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