Hersonissos Nightlife Greece: Bars & Clubs

By day, Hersonissos looks like a quiet seaside town, with a small beach, lined with restaurants. However, once the sun goes down, Hersonissos dispenses with the disguise, transforming into Crete's hottest nightspot! Bars burst into life, their neon lights illuminating the streets in vibrant colour, while the sound of music fills the air.

It's the music that sets Hersonissos' nightlife apart from other parts of the island. While the majority of the resorts focus on techno and trance, drawing crowds of clubbers and fans of dance music, Hersonissos nightlife has something for everyone.

While you'll probably find clubs and bars playing the likes of trance, dance, house and techno, you're just as likely to find venues playing rock, pop and disco. If you're looking for a holiday where the nightlife is king, Hersonissos is the place to go!

Starting your evening

To make the most of Hersonissos' nightlife, most partygoers start out on Paleá EO Irakliou Agiou Nikolaou, which is the main strip, also known as ”Bar Street'. Here, you'll find some smaller and quieter bars, such as Amadeus, Quarto and the Black Cactus: perfect for a pre-club drink or two in fun surroundings that aren't too hectic.

However, if you want to throw yourself in the deep end, simply walk along the main drag and you'll find bigger and brasher clubs and bars, turning up their sound systems. You'll hear music of all sorts playing: if you fancy starting the night with some traditional Irish tunes or warming your pipes up with a spot of karaoke, head for the Blarney Stone. It's a good idea to take things easy to begin with: there are many bars offering a ”buy one, get one free' drinks policy and, if you're not careful, you might find you've peaked before the evening's got underway!

Finding the best clubs

As you walk along Bar Street, you'll find that the bars are slowly replaced by clubs. YOLO, Cameo, Club Sensation, the Havana Club, the list goes on and on. However, while you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number, it's not hard to find the club that's right for you: many of them have noticeboards outside, letting you know what's playing inside and you can often hear it from the street!

Alternatively, follow the crowds, large swells of people are often a good indicator of which are the hottest spots, on a particular evening. Some of the big guns on the nightlife scene in Hersonissos include NRG, the New York Beach Club and the Matrix Club. Of them all, the Matrix is the biggest and widely regarded as the best. In addition to a wide choice of tunes, the Matrix club offers freshly-made cocktails and a lively atmosphere. If you'd rather something more dedicated to dance, head for NRG, where the music is more focused around dance, house and techno.

Heading for home

If your legs start to get a bit weary or you're just ready for bed, there are plenty of snack-stops and restaurants on the way back to your hotel. You'll find everything from the standard burgers and pizzas, to the more traditional gyros and souvlaki.

Nightlife in Hersonissos, Crete is best between June and August, when the weather's warm and the crowds are bigger. If you'd rather avoid the confinement of a club, look out for the Starbeach Festival, when the strip of sand along Hersonissos' waterfront becomes the open-air venue for a festival of clubbing, dance and partying. However, if you prefer things a little less lively, book your Hersonissos holiday during the quieter spring and autumn months.

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