Bijilo holidays

Bijilo holidays

Bijilo Beach is a quiet beach resort in Gambia that’s perfect for a laid-back holiday in the sun. Chill out with a cocktail and a good book on the soft almond-coloured sands, or spend your days spotting monkeys in the lush green lands of Bijilo Forest Park.

Things to do

If you want to sample a slice of paradise, Bijilo holidays will be right up your street; this resort is a haven hidden away from Gambia’s busier tourist areas, so it’s not as crowded. If you’re looking for a beach holiday, then it’s a great destination with stunning shorelines brushing up against the vast Atlantic Ocean. It’s easy to laze away a day on the beach, soaking up the sunshine.

If you’re feeling more energetic, you can dive deep into nature in Bijilo National Park, which is brimming with beautiful wildlife and rare plants.

When you’ve finished exploring, you’ll be ready for a hearty dinner at a local restaurant. Try a delicious local speciality, like spicy chicken yassa and fufu. Evenings here are as laid-back as they come. It’s all about kicking back with a cold drink in a beach bar as you watch the sun set over the ocean.

Beautiful beaches

Enjoy the serene setting of Bijilo’s beaches where wide strips of golden sand shelve into crystal clear waters. Back in the 1970s the beach was covered in dense woodland, which was cleaned up for the growing tourism in the area. Parts of the beach are still surrounded with wild greenery and palm trees making the setting even more picturesque.

You’ll find that a lot of the coastal hotels have their own private sections but there’s plenty of space on the beach to bask in the warm weather. Recline on sun loungers under parasols before taking a refreshing dip in the glistening sea.

History and culture

Bijilo can be found just 8km from the capital, Banjul, on the coast of the oldest English speaking country in West Africa, The Gambia, which gained its independence from Britain in 1965. Less than half an hours drive away from Bijilo is the famous protected part, the 250 acre Abuko Nature Reserve. The park opened in 1977 by the first President of the Republic of Gambia, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, who wanted to preserve the local flora and fauna for future generations.

The nature reserve can be visited as well as others in the area, such us Bijilo National Park, which is a haven for tropical wildlife and animals like monkeys and the nocturnal galago. The resort is relatively quiet with the main entertainment secluded to relaxing along the beaches and exploring the wild nature at your leisure.

Low key nightlife

As Bijilo is a small, remote resort there’s very little nightlife with only a selection of bars to experience. Enjoy a leisurely drink in one of the beachside cafes and relax whilst watching the sunset over the glistening waters. There’s a selection of nearby restaurants where you can sample authentic Gambian cuisine like spicy stews and grilled meats with flavoured rice.

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Map of Bijilo


It’s pleasantly hot all year round, making this the perfect destination for winter sun.

6 hours

You’ll travel to Banjul (or Yundum) International Airport (BJL).

Bijilo is best for...

Beach lovers: You’ll be free to spend your days soaking up the glorious African sunshine on one of the unspoilt sandy beaches. It’s impossible not to feel relaxed here.

Nature lovers: Discover exotic plants, birds, and wildlife in the verdant Bijilo Forest Park. If you’re lucky, you might spot a native vervet monkey swinging in the trees. 

Couples: Whether you want a romantic getaway or an idyllic honeymoon destination, the pristine beaches and lush green scenery are just the ticket.

Fast facts for Bijilo

Language: English is spoken around the main tourist resorts, although if you head further afield you’re more likely to hear local dialects or French more widely spoken. Pack a phrasebook or download our handy language app.

Currency: The currency needed for your holiday is the Dalasi (D).

Local time: Bijilo is the same time as GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Banjul International Airport. Transfer time to the resort of Bijilo is about 50 minutes.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Bijilo is 6–7 hours.

Tourist information: It’s worth reading more information before your Bijilo holidays over at  

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Getting around Bijilo

By bus: You can hire a bus for groups and tours. It’s the most convenient way see the sights if a group of you want to explore local attractions.

By taxi: You can’t miss them as they’re painted green, plus you’re likely to find one near to your hotel. It’s always a good idea to agree a price with the driver before you hop on board.

Events in Bijilo

Roots Homecoming Festival: Every other May, the small town of Albreda gets together to celebrate African culture with a wealth of vibrant shows and music. Descendants of Gambian families travel from all over the world to learn more about their heritage. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of this part of Africa, and have a good party at the same time!

Rave About Africa: In spring, this spectacular season of beach festivals takes place, featuring everything from masquerade balls and banquets, and drumming workshops to live comedy.

Bijilo weather

Temperature: Low-to-mid-30s (°C) all year round.

Best time to visit: If you want to avoid the wet seasons, to make the most of the warm African weather, you’ll want to book Bijilo holidays between winter and spring.

Just like everywhere in Gambia, this destination experiences rainy seasons between July to October, but it’s much drier in winter through to spring. Temperatures remain in the 30s (°C) throughout the year, making Gambia a great destination for a splash of winter sunshine.

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