Jewish Museum & Cemetery in Prague

To discover the history of Jews in Prague, a visit to the Jewish Museum and Cemetery is a must. During the Second World War, the Nazis took over the museum, intending to use it as a place to remember an ‘extinct race’.

Thankfully the museum now celebrates the culture of Jews past and present, but it uses a huge number of artefacts originally collected by the Germans from communities they destroyed. Arriving at the Jewish Museum, you’ll see four synagogues alongside the Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery, with your ticket allowing you to visit all six buildings.

If you want to see the Old-New Synagogue, a beautiful gothic building and the oldest working synagogue in Europe, you’ll need to buy an extra ticket. If you do visit, bear in mind that men need to cover their heads with a hat.

At Pinkas Synagogue, read the names and birthdays of almost 80,000 Czechs who disappeared during Nazi occupation and see the poignant collection of drawings by children who were captive at the Terezin concentration camp. After looking around the exhibits at Pinkas Synagogue, go outside to the Old Jewish Cemetery, a 15th century burial ground with around 12,000 tombstones. The oldest grave dates right back to 1439.

Next, move on to Klaus Synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall, where you can learn more about traditional Jewish customs. At Maisel Synagogue, browse artefacts dated between the 10th and 18th centuries before heading to the Spanish Synagogue to discover the story of Jews in the Czech Republic up to the present day.

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Jewish Museum & Cemetery Prague

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